Father's Day

I started this post for Father's Day and well, you know how things are. We had a couple of houseguests, Magnolia got her 4 month shots yesterday and we've been doing a lot of nursing and snuggling. So here it is...a few days late.

To me father's day means several different things. I of course think of my own amazing father. He is and has always been such a supportive, giving, loving and forgiving Dad. He's put up with all of his children's crap and still loves, loves, loves. At almost 75 years old, he is constantly thinking of other people and how to help them. He has become very active in his local Salvation Army and even hops in his truck to go help out at shelters after hurricanes, tornados and flooding. He's still quite the pool shark and just an all around awesome guy!

Of course on father's day I think of my amazing husband. My perfectly beautiful, loving husband. He, not surprisingly has a lot of the same qualities as my dad. Obviously the packaging is a little different, but I do see my dad in some of his actions. He remembers the small stuff. Just the other night he ran out to the grocery store for a few things we needed and came home with the movie Friday (which is my ghetto guilty pleasure) and a DVD for The Dude that has a compilation of bad kid movies. I say bad because they are the ones that have bad acting and talking dogs and things of that sort. But The Dude LOVES them. He thought to bring in The Dude's plant from the porch last night before a storm blew through. He does the grocery shopping with my very unorganized shopping lists and coupons. He does at least half of the housework. Sometimes more depending on what kind of day I had with the kids. I'm trying to get better at that. I try to think of all the things little housewives did in the 50's and 60's before they had quickie meals and all of the baby entertainment that we have these days. They got everything done and had dinner on the table by 5. Aaaand there I go. Totally different blog post. But what I'm getting at is this. Some of you may or may not know that B is not Hayden's biological dad. But his is, in all ways, his dad. He does everything a dad is supposed to do and then some. He was great with him from day 1 when we started dating back in 2007. They were fast friends and Hayden was really excited to have a male figure around all day every day. We got out and did more things. Hiking trails, climbing rocks in the middle of rivers, riding bikes and skateboards. Things that I, as a pretty girlie girl, was neglecting to do with him. Now they still ride bikes and scooters, they play catch in the backyard, they go on Cub Scout camping trips, they shoot bb guns in the backyard. Such dude stuff!

Now I get to see him be the father of our baby girl. He is so sweet and tender with her. I know she will grow up and know who to go to to get just what she wants. :) He always offers to get up with her at night. Even knowing darn well he can't breastfeed her. He is great at juggling being the sweet daddy to his girl and the manly (but sweet) dad to The Dude. My heart explodes with love for this man and I appreciate all that he does for our family. He is supportive of me and all of my ideas and goals and he is supportive of The Dude and the things he wants to do and achieve. He reads every one of my blog posts, so Hunny, I love you to the moon and back!

Skin to skin minutes after Magnolia was born

Father's Day at the Farmer's Market

The Dude got his very own Venus Flytrap

Hubs checking out the tea and herb selesction

Some hippie tea :P

Clearly freaked out by the giant mushrooms.

No caption needed

"Real men push strollers"

Our sweet girl getting nuggles from Daddy

Pretty $10 flowers for our table!


Summer is not for Blogging!

This is more difficult than I thought. I either forget to blog, or am too tired to blog, or when I do remember I feel like there is so much to tell I can't get it all in and I get all overwhelmed and aggghhhh!! I want this to be fun and not feel stressed out that I missed a day or two...or a week. :/ But I want it to be worth it to my lovely followers. So I will try try try to be more regular. I need some benefiber for blogging.

So I will just do a lil quickie overview via pics and captions of our last couple of weeks which were super busy!!

First and foremost...I officially opened my etsy store! I've already made several sales, and I'm having so much fun with it! I'm making and selling teething/nursing necklaces. Or they can just be worn as statement necklaces. They are made from 100% cotton fabric and all natural wooden beads. Great for Mamas and Papas that choose not to use meds to treat teething! I'm adding more and more prints each day! Spread the word! :)

Love this print! Had to make one for myself!

This one already sold out! Sad I don't have any more of this print.

Received Magnolia's cute vintage romper from 3ringcircus!
Got a haircut! I'm trying to grow it back out. I actually have quite nice
wavy hair.  Just wish it would grow already!!
Received Magnolia's Welcome letter from The White House
that I posted about here.

Our friend Alex Gibbs, a photographer based out of Charlotte NC, but from Atlanta GA
came up for the day last weekend with his lovely girlfriend and did a photoshoot of our
little fambly. You can see more of our shoot here. And I will include a few more of my favs
in a future post. Promise!

Did some thrifting and scored these awesome Pyrex bowls. The aqua one is
from 1959 and is actually kind of rare and I got it for $7!

The kiddos and I roadtripped to my parent's house 3 hours away. 

My babies with their Papa.

Magnolia made nice with a glow worm.

I built this...by myself...in the dark. 

Ate some fried pickles....Om nom nom!! Soooo goooood!!!

Came home to a broken air conditioner. Ew. But a friend was able to recommend somebody and he was out and we were back up and running within 2 hours. I'm super excited to have the day with my whole family tomorrow. The hunsband was actually able to get Father's day off! Yay! Happy Father's Day to all you daddies out there!!


I'm a terrible blogger...

I will get the hang of this dangit! This week has been kind of hectic, and Miss Magnolia has been a real fussbutt. I'm still not sure what's going on with her. I'm thinking it's a dairy sensitivity. I've cut down on my dairy intake, but I keep having slip-ups. This should be at the front of my brain at all times, but I keep catching myself downing a glass of milk or chomping away on a cheese stick. Anybody that has known me a long time knows that I have an unhealthy obsession with milk. Yes, that's possible. I could go through a gallon in 2 days. And don't even get me started on chocolate milk! So in order to see if she really has a sensitivity, I need to cut it out entirely. So I'm posting this hoping that putting all my bizz out in the streets will help me remember.

My last post I mentioned that we were going to be picking up our new (to us) Saab. We did that on Wednesday. We picked it up from a friend's house where it had been parked for a few months. The battery was dead so we had to jump start it. B and my friend's husband may or may not have had to google how to jump a car...
looking for the battery...ha!

Saab Dylan? Saab Barker? Saaberta Flack? Open to suggestions here...

After we sent the hubs off to work in our new car, the kids and I went over to a friend's house for an evening swim. It was perfect! The water was just cool enough to feel refreshing, but not too cool for Lil Miss. The Dude had a blast splashing everybody and Magnolia actually fell asleep in the pool! I was holding her facing out with just her bottom half in the pool and swaying her back and forth and she was out. Kind of adorable. I snapped a photo of her in her swimsuit for the first time, but it was with my phone and kind of dim so this is what I got.
I unintentionally matched her suit with mine from last year, but I don't think I'll be wearing it anymore anyway. My cups runneth over so I will need to purchase a new suit asap. Her suit is super adorbs. We got it at Gymboree which I think is a bit overpriced for their clothes, but they are having a sale in which everything in the store and online is $12.99 or less. So we got this lil $23 number for $13!

Thursday was the hunsband's 31st birthday! I'm married to an old man! The Dude was at school all day, so Maggie and I took it easy at home. I put this adorable little outfit on her.

I just about died from the cute! It's a 6 month outfit and the little leggings were digging into her belly and the ruffly top had some very itchy stitching on the inside, so that lasted just about long enough to snap a few pics and then she was done. I don't think she's a big 3 month old. I would be concerned about the health of a 6 month old that fit into that outfit...

For B's birthday dinner we had a group of about 20 friends meet up at our favorite Mexican joint. I decided to forgo a camera because Magnolia was having an off evening and I wanted as little distractions as possible. I had The Dude bring his camera and he ended up with A LOT of pictures of our friend's little girl, Sierra. She's 2 years older than him and he's in leeeerrrrvvvvv! He's already asked if I was ok with her being my daughter in law. I love her and her parents, so I'm all for it...in about 30 years... The rest of the pics were blurry or of extreme close-ups.

Of course they brought out the sombrero and sang ridiculously loud.
And the kids passed it around.
Today I drug my slack butt out of bed and actually bathed (yes!) and put on real clothes (yes!) and dressed the kids (yes!). I've been thinking of setting up a booth at our local Indie Market and selling some of my crafty goodies. So, today I slathered the kids with sunblock and headed out. It was more than disappointing. There were maybe 8 tents and it was mostly old lady junk. Not even cute old lady junk, which I have a passion for. Just junk. There were maybe 10-15 other people browsing. I'm not sure it would be worth my time. :/ The "Indie" name was a little misleading. I hear there are a few other Indie Markets around, so I may look into those. This one was just close to home and only $20 for booth rent. I did put this vintage top on Magnolia and again I was overcome with the cute. 
Top: Vintage(no tag) - Thrifted
Bloomers: Circo - Gifted
The Dude has pretty exceptional fashion sense as well. I have always said I won't allow too much cheesiness in his wardrobe and luckily he picks out some pretty awesome threads on his own.
Tank: H&M
Shorts: Gap cutoffs
Boat Shoes: Sonoma - Kohl's
So that's what we've been up to this week. I got a super genius idea for next week's Fashion Friday. So stay tuned for that! I'm hoping my mom will make a not-so-surprise visit tomorrow cause I miss her, ya know? Maybe I'll introduce y'all to her!

And those of you that are always marveling over Magnolia's beautiful blue eyes...behold...

Mine are a varying shade of blue and green. Daddy's are amazingly blue. My dad's are bright blue as well, so hopefully she keeps them!!