Weekend Roundup

Hi friends! We had a fun weekend round these parts. Saturday was spent thrifting with my mom and the kids. I scored some adorable hand embroidered dolls for $3.50. Not sure how old they are, but they were super cute so I grabbed them to go on a shelf in Magnolia's room until she's old enough to play with them. They are even embroidered on the back!

Next we returned to an antique mall we had visited earlier in the week. They were having a big sale and I was hoping to score an old high chair for the little lady. I had to decide between these two gems.

$68 Folds into a cute lil desk!


Initially I went back to get the first high chair. But it was more than twice the price of the second and the second was the style I had been looking for in the first place because I wanted to paint it. So I went with the second, and I'm really excited for it to be my next project! While we were there I found an awesome Fisher Price record player. Marketed for tweens, but I knew the hubs would love it. We are thinking we'll pass it on to The Dude in the next couple of years so he can start his own record collection.

Magnolia begged for this lovely red wig, but I had to let her down gently. Read: I really wanted to buy it and my mom gave me that "don't be ridiculous look".

Can't wait for this child to get some more hair!
We had Chili's for lunch. I die for their bottomless chips and salsa. We went to a couple more disappointing thrift and antique spots. One being a waaay overpriced thrift store. I did score a cute vintage Buster Brown top and brown Levi's skinnies for the lil one and a navy sweatshirt for The Dude for school. He has to wear uniforms and after the new year they are enforcing a "no hoody policy". 

This kid loves his grandparents! I do NOT love his haircut he got from my
dad's barber. Hello Jim Carrey circa Dumb and Dumber... :/

This pic cracks me up. Her posture, her face. Hilarious! 

My mom and I worked on a doll idea I'm considering selling on etsy. The front is an awake face and the back is a sleeping face. It's modeled after some vintage dolls we found, but it needs some tweaking. I'd like babies to be able to actually play with them and Magnolia promptly ripped some of our prototype's hair out. :/ So I'm thinking that may need to be embroidered as well. I may have a few Instagram mamas interested in some boy dolls and I totally know how I'd like to do them. Now to just do it!

Today was our first Sunday enforcing "No Technology Sunday" (until after dinner) and my Pinterest Crafty board is out of control long, so I've been wanting to actually do some of the things I've pinned on there. Today I finally got these little Christmas trees done. They're definitely not as pretty as the originals, but I like them enough to display them. :) 

The hubs usually has Sundays off, but he is crazy busy at the store trying to get ready for Black Friday so he went in for a few hours today. When he got home I dragged him back out to take some things out of the living room over to our storage unit to make room for our Christmas tree!! I'm so excited but there are a bunch of decorations I want to make for the tree so I need to get crackin! Maybe I'll whip up some of these adorable mustache ornaments from over at Jess's blog, My Little Mustache!

Today Magnolia also turned 9 months old! I cannot believe she has been outside of my belly just as long as she was inside. It makes me sad and excited at the same time! While so much has changed in the past 9 months, so much is still the same. 
We still don't sleep through the night. Some nights she's up once and the next night she may be up every couple of hours. all. night. long. We still nurse every 3-4 hours during the day. She has and is crazy for her cereal in the morning. Not so much her fruits, though I can usually get her to eat a little. She'll have a veggie for lunch and then has a meat and veggie for dinner or one of her fancy little organic meals in a pouch. haha. 
Her top right tooth is right underneath the gums (and has been for about a week), so that will make tooth number 3 any day now. 
She still isn't crawling up on her hands and knees but as of today she does this adorable little wormy, scoot, crawl thing that can get her across the room pretty quick. 
She finally, definitely said Dada...a few times today. Magnolia, B and I were laying in bed this morning and she peeked around my shoulder looked right at him and said excitedly, "Dadaaa!" He is smitten more than ever. She's also started saying "Daw" (sounds like dog without the g) and looking at Porkchop. 
See what I mean?! She's learning something new every day it seems! Tomorrow she has to go get her 9 month shots. :( I feel strongly that immunizations are important for children, but I sure do hate taking that sweet girl in for them and doubly hate how she looks at me like "Why are you letting them do this to meeee?!?!"
The Dude helped me out with Mag's 9 month photo shoot today, so I'll leave you with some of my favorites. 

Happy Sunday Y'all!! <3

Big Brother trying to make her laugh. They sure do love each other!

Her face!!! Bahahaha!

Loves to hear herself scream

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  1. Happy 9 months cutie patootie :-)

    Oh my goodness seriously you found some good stuff! I love love love the dolls! Can't wait for you to make a mustache one so I can buy it from your shop :-)

    thanks for the shout out ;-)